Below is a list of our most popular services:

Health and Nutritional Counseling


What affects the body affects the rest of a person, on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. Bishop Phil and Sister Michelle will help guide you through your diet and create a personalized health, diet and exercise regimen, to guide you through to your optimum health and weight. Bishop Phil and Sister Michelle have been working as a health and nutrition counselor for over 20 years. They know what you; uniquely need to get your body back on the right track to health, fitness, vitality and happiness.


Each ritual is specifically created for individually to help you in the best and most personal way. All rituals we create originate and have places in the Holy Bible. They are created to help you on any issue from: finding true love, career help, helping heal others, sending strength, breaking sorrow, bringing prosperity, good luck and much, much more. Bishop Phil and Sister Michelle can set up a service and ritual made specifically for you, in order to allow your desires to blossom in a beautiful fruition.

Reunite Loved Ones

happy couple on summer vacaton in Europe

Bishop Phil and Sister Michelle can look into a situation and help reunite those that are meant to be together. They can assist you in realizing if whether what you have with someone is truly a meeting of fate, destiny or love (perhaps this is your soul mate). They can find out if there are outside energies influencing the situation or whether there is negative energy being directed to harm your relationship. Having this knowledge will allow you to realize whether the relationship /situation that you are in are truly meant to be or if they are ultimately causing you more harm/stress/poison than what is good for your spiritual soul.

Removing Negative Energies

Luck brings us many things in our life. Sometimes the people who end up having the most influence in our lives-the chances that can make or break your dreams-all come from a combination of fate, luck and the energies influencing our lives. Sometimes however these periods of difficulty are not what is meant for us. They can be negativity and hurtful influences cast upon us, taking away the chances we have in our lives. In this case something must be done. Bishop Phil and Sister Michelle can identify the energies influencing you in your life. They help you balance them and cleanse and clear that which should not be there to bring you down. Bishop Phil and Sister Michelle are always here to help.